Another step on the road – My take on the CWDP

Just under a year ago I finally got round to passing my CWNA. My plan at the time was to move on to the CWAP but the kindle edition of the study guide wasn’t available so I bought the CWDP book instead. To be honest I’ve started reading it a couple of times and not got very far with it but a few weeks ago I had a stern word with myself and committed to burying myself in it with a view to taking the exam before Christmas. Last Friday, full of cold, I made the trek over to the other side of the Severn Bridge to my lucky test centre in Newport and sat the exam. I’m delighted to say I now have another badge to pin to my chest.

Certified Wireless Design Professional

I’m quite lucky in that I spend a fairly large portion of my time working on wireless design on fairly large projects. Having sat the Ekahau Design course earlier in the year and having read through the CWDP study guide I didn’t find the exam overly difficult. I’ll be honest and say the CWNA was probably a more difficult exam to prepare for. I do think however that the CWDP is a useful component of the professional level certifications offered and is definitely an area that will benefit as various initiatives to standardise and quantify the design process mature.

I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into CWAP. Kindle edition still isn’t available so I’m going to pick up a paperback edition and one of the older Peter Mackenzie books as a companion guide and make that my main objective for the first half of 2020. I can see many evenings ahead with just myself and wireshark for company.